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Wire Mesh Skimmer and Strainer Products List

Wire mesh skimmer is widely used to help scoop food when cooking fryers or simmering, it makes your cooking easy and sanitary.

When you cook bouillon or pasta, wire mesh strainer is needed. It helps you strain the foam float or scoop cooking food, which makes your cooking task easy.

Made of aluminum or stainless steel, perforated skimmer is commonly used to blanch or strain food in cooking.

Made of stainless steel or aluminum with perforation, perforated strainer is a good choice for straining in cooking pureed soups or making a cocktail.

Spiral wire skimmer made from stainless steel or nickel plated steel offers great convenience to sieve food from oil or other liquids.

Made of nickel plated steel, fine mesh square skimmer can better remove the cooking food, which improves the cooking work efficiency.

Made of high quality brass wire, brass wire skimmer has been a fashionable partner in your kitchen and tea time.

If you fry onion rings, chicken wings, nuggets or other side dishes and present them to your customers or friends, fry basket may suit your needs.

Made of food grade stainless steel, tea infuser is an essential tool for brewing loose leaf tea for tea lovers.