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Fry Basket Helps Frying and Serving

Fry basket is an essential tool in every kitchen. It is used for deep frying or fried food presentation. Just put the fryer in the fry basket, dip into hot oil, the fryers will be ready quickly. Using fry basket is very convenient and keeps your hands from spatters. With mini fry basket, you can present fried food, without spoiling the plate and adds beauty to your diet. Mini fry basket is often used with oil blotting paper inside. Various types of fry baskets are shown below for different uses.

Fry basket with round shape

A round fry basket with coarse mesh and welded handle, reinforced base

A coarse mesh round fry basket, the reinforced base ensures longevity.

Three round fryer baskets and some fried onion rings placed in one basket

Three round fryer baskets with reinforced base for long use life

  • Material: nickel-plated steel, stainless steel, chrome-plated steel.
  • Specification:
    Item Diameter (inch) Height (inch)
    RFB0905 8-1/2 5
    RFB1005 9-1/2 5
    RFB1205 11-1/2 5-1/8
  • Features:
    • Round fry basket is often used for stove or small batch frying.
    • Various types of materials to choose.
    • Great for frying onion rings, french fries or chicken nuggets, etc.

Taco salad fry basket, seashell/bowl shape.

A taco salad fry basket with seashell shape

A shell fry basket for taco salad frying

A bowl shape taco salad fry basket

A bowl fry basket for taco salad frying

  • Material: nickel-plated stainless steel, chrome-plated steel.
  • Specification:
    • Shell shape:
      • Top width: 8-1/4".
      • Bottom width: 4-3/4".
      • Basket height: 4-5/8".
    • Bowl shape:
      • Top diameter: 8-1/8", maximum 16".
      • Bottom diameter: 4-1/4", maximum 8".
      • Basket height: 5", maximum 18.5".
  • Features:
    • Both the seashell and bowl shape designs make your taco salad take shape in the boiling oil quickly.
    • Also great for serving nachos or vegetable dips.

Fry basket with twin front hooks

Two fry baskets with blue PVC coated handle

Two front hooked fry baskets, and the PVC coated handles ensure heat resistance.

  • Material: nickel-plated steel.
  • Specification:
    Item Length (inch) Width (inch) Height (inch)
    HFB090404 8-3/4 4-1/8 4-1/2
    HFB100405 10 4 5-1/4
    HFB100805 10 7-3/4 5-1/4
    HFB110608 10-3/4 6-1/4 7-3/4
    HFB110604 11 5-5/8 4-1/8
    HFB120705 12-1/8 6-1/2 5-3/8
    HFB120605 12-1/8 6-5/16 5-5/16
    HFB130605 12-7/8 6 5-3/8
    HFB130705 12-7/8 6-1/2 5-7/16
    HFB130606 13-1/4 6 6
    HFB130506 13-1/4 5-5/8 5-7/8
    HFB130706 13-1/4 6-1/2 6
    HFB130906 13-1/4 9-1/4 6
    HFB171806 16-3/4 17-1/2 6
    HFB170806 17 8 6
    HFB170906 17-1/8 8-1/4 6
  • Features:
    • Non-slip PVC or rubbery handle with various colors.
    • Ideal for crispy fried food making, like french fries, fried fish, chicken wings or nuggets.
    • Double front hooks for easy rest on fryers.

Fry basket with front, left/right hooks.

Two stainless fry baskets with twin left, right and front hooks

Fry baskets with front and left/right hooks

  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Specification:
    • Length: 9-3/8".
    • Width: 4-7/8".
    • Height: 5-3/8".
  • Features:
    • Double front and left or right hooks for resting on the fryer steadily.
    • Stainless steel for durable use.

Mini round/square fry basket with woven design

A mini fry basket with round shape, woven steel fabric.

A mini round fry basket for fried food presentation, woven steel fabric reduces the whole weight of the basket.

A mini rectangular fry basket with woven steel fabric and reinforced edges

A mini rectangular fry basket with woven steel fabric, the reinforced edges provide long use life.

  • Material: stainless steel, chrome-plated steel.
  • Dimensions:
    • Round shape
      • 2.76" diameter × 3.5" height.
      • 3" diameter × 3.9" height.
    • Rectangular shape
      • Top dimensions: vary from 4" × 3-1/4" to 5" × 4".
      • Base dimensions: vary from 3-1/4" × 2-3/4" to 4-1/2" × 3-1/4".
      • Height: 2-1/4" - 3-1/4".
  • Features:
    • Two shapes (round or rectangular) to choose.
    • Woven steel design.
    • Mini fry basket, for food presentation, like french fries.
    • Suitable for restaurants, cafes or home.
    • Just for fried food presentation, not to be used in deep frying.

Square/rectangular mini fry basket with welded design

A mini square fry basket with coarse mesh and square openings

Mini square fry basket for fried food serving

A rectangular shaped fry basket

A rectangular fry basket for large quantity food presentation

  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Specifications:
    • Square shape: 4" length × 4" width × 3" height.
    • Rectangular shape:
      Rectangular fry basket specification list (excluding the handle)
      Item Length (inch) Width (inch) Height (inch)
      RFB050403 4.6 3.9 3.1
      RFB060503 5.6 4.5 3.1
      RFB090403 8.5 4.1 3
  • Features:
    • Square and rectangular shape.
    • Coarse mesh and welding design.
    • For serving fried food only, not to be used for deep frying.
    • Easy to clean.

Mini round fry basket with/without band, welded design

A mini round fry basket with coarse mesh and square openings

A mini round fry basket for serving fried food, welding steel makes the whole structure stronger.

A round fry basket with solid band

A mini round fry basket with solid band for indirectly close to the plate.

  • Material: stainless steel, chrome-plated steel.
  • Specification:
    • Diameter: 3.3" - 9".
    • Height (excluding the solid band): 3" - 9".
  • Features:
    • Round shape, or round shape with solid band.
    • Solid band can prevent the hot fried food spoiling the plate.
    • Shaped like a frying basket.
    • Coarse mesh design.
    • Only for fried food presentation use.

Mini round fry basket from heavy duty steel wire, welded design.

A small fry basket with bird nest shape and large square openings

A fry basket for frying food presentation, bird nest design adds fashionable elements to your diet.

  • Material: stainless steel, chrome-plated steel.
  • Dimension:
    • Diameter: 2".
    • Height: 2".
  • Features:
    • Bird nest style adds fun to cooking.
    • It is perfect for presenting frying food.
    • Not to be used for deep frying.
    • Easy to clean.

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