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Suitable Wire Mesh Skimmer To Meet Your Cooking Need

Choose a wire skimmer suitable for you!
Whether you are a professional cook or not, with a wire mesh skimmer, you can easily handle the cooking task. Various types of skimmers are offered in Honesty & Faith Hardware Products Co., Ltd.. With ten years' experience, we have been dedicating to supplying the best skimmer that is suitable for you in any cook. It is also a good idea as a gift, there is always a will for you!

Various materials to meet your need.
The materials we choose are all food made grade with high quality, including stainless steel, aluminum, nickel plated steel, chrome plated steel, brass wire, bamboo, etc. All the materials are resistant to extreme temperature, which ensures your health while cooking.

Core products: Wire mesh skimmer, Wire mesh strainer, Perforated skimmer, Perforated strainer, Spiral wire skimmer, Square fine mesh skimmer, Brass wire skimmer, Fry basket, Tea infuser.

A wire mesh skimmer with rigid handle, four reinforced rods on the bottom, two hanging hook on the end of the handle.

A wire mesh skimmer for skimming cooking food, four reinforced rods on the bottom ensures long time use.

A wire mesh strainer with a helper hook and six reinforced rods apart from the bottom

A wire mesh strainer for bouillon cooking, six rods protect the bowl bottom.

A perforated skimmer with a plastic coated handle, perforated bowl.

A perforated skimmer, plastic coated handle for low heat transferring.

Many usages of filtration utensil

What can a skimmer do for you?

Whatever you cook, there is a skimmer needed.

  1. A skimmer is used to filter out unwanted residue or scoop fried food from hot oil.
  2. You can also sift wheat for bakery with a skimmer.
  3. When you cook pasta, sometimes you need to drain the pasta for adding other spices without water, a skimmer can help you do the draining work.
  4. When you cook fryers, you need to scoop them out from hot oil, with a suitable skimmer, you won't worry too much about the high heat and spatters, which can spoil your delicate hands.
  5. To clean beans or some easily bruised vegetables, a wire mesh skimmer helps you do the job excellently.
  6. Raw vegetables are sometimes harmful for our bodies, with a wire mesh skimmer, you can blanch vegetables with ease, to get a safe meal.

Our mission
We are researching and developing more and more filtration utensils to meet the needs of more customers. We are aiming at being the largest wire mesh skimmer and strainer supplier in China. There is still a long way to go. We have the determination to reach this goal.

If you have any question or you want more details about our products, email us at info@walcoom.com. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Hot Products

Wire mesh skimmer is widely used to help scoop food when cooking fryers or simmering, it makes your cooking easy and sanitary.

When you cook bouillon or pasta, wire mesh strainer is needed. It helps you strain the foam float or scoop cooking food, which makes your cooking task easy.

Made of aluminum or stainless steel, perforated skimmer is commonly used to blanch or strain food in cooking.

Made of stainless steel or aluminum with perforation, perforated strainer is a good choice for straining in cooking pureed soups or making a cocktail.

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